Keough Hall
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Moving In




friday, AUGUST 17, AFTER 12:00 PM
(First-year students) 

  1. Members of Welcome Weekend Staff (dressed in red t-shirts) will come to your car and help you unload your stuff and show you to your room. They can also help you loft or bunk your bed, although if your roommate(s) have not arrived yet, it may be best to wait until they arrive before making any room set-up decisions.
  2. Come inside to the main desk.There,you will fill out a registration card and get your room key.
  3. Meet your RA. He is in charge of your section and will be a great resource for everything and anything. They should be around when you arrive to answer any questions.
  4. Once you unload your stuff and meet your roommates, it is a good idea to get your student ID card. Then, you can head out to town or to the Fall Mart in Stepan Center to buy whatever you might need in your room.
  5. Check the signs in the main lobby for more information about Welcome Weekend events. 

The whole move-in process may seem hectic and confusing, but there will be plenty of people around the hall to help you out and make you feel welcome. Within a day or two, you will feel right at home.

Welcome Weekend Staff will be wearing red t-shirts with the Keough name proudly displayed on the front. If you need help with something throughout the move in process, be sure to find one of us.