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This page shows our awesome RAs, ARs, Rector, and Priest In-Residence!



Brogan Ryan, csc

  • Brogan was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, the sixth of eleven children. He is in his first year as Rector of Keough Hall.  After graduating from Notre Dame with a degree in Accounting, he taught middle school Religion and Math in Montgomery, Alabama with the Alliance for Catholic Education. After a quick detour into the world of public accounting, Brogan returned to South Bend to enter Moreau Seminary and formation with the Congregation of Holy Cross. He finished up his theology studies at Notre Dame in 2018 while serving as an Assistant Rector at Keough Hall.  Brogan will profess his perpetual vows in Holy Cross and be ordained a Deacon (becoming Deacon Brogan) in August and will be ordained a priest (becoming Father Brogan) in April.  Brogan has had a variety of ministry experiences with Holy Cross, including spending a summer in East Africa, teaching in the Mendoza College of Business, and serving as the Assistant Director at Old College Undergraduate Seminary. 

Assistant Rectors (ARs)


Mike Rossetti (Room 200) 

  • Although raised in Colorado, Mike “Rossi” Rossetti comes from a large South Side Irish, Italian family, based mainly in Chicago and Boston. A proud Rambler, Mike graduated from Loyola University Chicago in 2012 with a B.S. in Secondary Education and B.A. in English. After Loyola, Mike taught English in Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago until 2016. Mike is currently a second year Master of Divinity student. In his spare time, Mike is cooking up the Italian classics, reading his way through literary classics, strolling around campus, and pondering the next place to travel.  Mike is incredibly excited and grateful to be a part of the Keough community.

Catalanotto professional picture - John Catalanotto.jpg

J.P. Catalanotto (Room 300)

  • Born and raised in New York, J.P. decided to flee somewhat west for school. While he misses properly made pizza, J.P. is incredibly grateful to count himself among those who call Notre Dame Law School home. An avid musician, he can be heard playing guitar (probably poorly) and contending (definitely correctly) that Exile on Main Street by the Rolling Stones is the greatest rock album ever recorded. Following law school, J.P. hopes to work in public interest law in New York. After that, he hopes to retire to New Orleans as a hip grandpa of two dogs (likely named Roosevelt and Churchill, respectively).

Resident Assistants (RAs)

SJM RA - Stephen Meisenbacher.png

Stephen Meisenbacher (Section 1a - Room 119)

  • Born and raised in New Jersey, Stephen hails from the quiet little town of Warren, where he grew up an avid Patriots fan, went to the beach a lot, and spent a fair amount of time abroad. At Notre Dame, Stephen majors in Computer Science and German, and during his free time, you can find him running way too much, spreading his love for music through the medium of college radio, or making his way through obscure and foreign Netflix shows. When he is not at Notre Dame or New Jersey, there is a very good chance Stephen is off in the great land of Germany, where he has taken many trips, including a semester abroad in Heidelberg and two summers in Berlin. He is beyond excited to join the section of 1A as the RA and is looking forward to meeting all of Keough’s new members over food, talk, music, or a harmonious combination of the above.

unnamed-1 - Timothy Govert.jpg

Tim Govert (Section 2A - Room 219) 

  • The younger of two sons, Tim Govert was born and raised in the heart of the ACC in Durham, North Carolina, making him a diehard Duke fan and a lover of all things college basketball. As a Catholic surrounded by southern Protestants, Tim learned early on to love Notre Dame and has been very pleased to finally fill his wardrobe with Irish gear, which add variety to his otherwise blue and gray selection. Tim studies Chemical Engineering and is premed. When asked why, he answers, “I wanted to have fun in college.” Besides studying, eating, and sometimes sleeping, Tim’s other campus activities include playing as many intramurals as possible and watching Notre Dame play sports. Tim enjoys a good movie, bowling, and has shot a -12 in Wii golf. If you ever need an extra player, want an easy win in FIFA, need someone to listen, want to play Pokémon Go, or would enjoy some company at Mass, don’t hesitate to find him in or around 2A.

IMG_7665 - Erik Peterson.jpg

Erik Peterson (2B - Room 251)

  • Erik is a Physics Major concentrating in Astrophysics and Advanced Physics who is proud to be from the Pacific Northwest. This past semester he studied abroad in Santiago Chile, where he learned Spanish, researched at an observatory, and joined the university basketball team. Erik spends most of his time either rooting for my favorite teams like the Seahawks or playing basketball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, golf, and pretty much any other sport his friends want to play. Erik is a 25 time MVP of intramural sports (self-voted), a 2016 Keough section basketball champion, and wears a duck-taped gold helmet to every ND football game. Faith is also a big part of Erik's life, and he looks forward to deepening his faith by means of serving others this upcoming year.

Spalitto, RA Booklet.png

Peter Spalitto (3A - Room 319)

  • Peter hails from the great Kansas City, Missouri, whose name has stumped even the brightest of scholars for centuries. To keep himself busy, Pete enjoys majoring in the three most unconnected areas possible: Piano Performance, Pre-Health, and Spanish. On campus, he works as a tutor, retreat leader, and tour guide, though his credibility as a guide has begun to falter under speculation that he just makes up a majority of the information on the spot. As far as hobbies go, Peter's had a love for video games since he was a kid, though he definitely peaked in high school when his team was ranked #1 globally in World of Warcraft. That said, he's always down to drop at Tilted with the boys and rack up some wins. At the end of the day, Peter's a very light-hearted guy with a big soft spot for Keough and the priceless community there. He's very eager to return to the best dorm on campus and get to know even more 'Roos. Come find him in 3A whenever to chat, game, listen to music or just hang out. He loves to talk.

IMG_3509 - Parker Shattuck.PNG

Parker Shattuck (3B - Room 351)

  • Parker is a Californian by birth, but a Wisconsinite by upbringing, so he is almost exclusively a fan of teams that have never won championships (Chargers, Brewers). He studies International Economics with Chinese concentrating in Financial Economics and Econometrics, and spent this past semester in Shanghai so as to improve his Chinese language skills and get a better understanding of the Chinese economy. When he has free time, you can usually find him wakeboarding, swimming, playing lacrosse, or reading. Parker has a deep connection with Keough Hall and is excited to serve as an RA. That being said, feel free to drop by Room 351 and beat him at a videogame or share some new music.

Hall Staff picture - Simon Padanilam.JPG

Simon Padanilam (4A - Room 419)

  • Experiencing a few ups and many downs, Simon Padanilam hails from Cleveland, OH and is an avid Cleveland sports fan, as you'll often see him reppin' his hometown teams. At Our Lady's University, Simon is majoring in Neuroscience and Behavior with a supplemental Greek and Roman Civilization major. Looking beyond his senior year, he hopes to be a physician and is applying to medical schools this fall. Simon is an MCAT tutor on campus who tries not to be a complete nerd by staying physically active and playing sports (ball is life). You can catch him in 4A either munching on a bag of Funyuns or looking to "give someone the hands" in a game of FIFA.

IMG_E3174 - Henry Perillo.JPG

Henry Perillo (4B - Room 451)

  • Henry lives with his family in Weston, Florida. His interest in the environment-human relationship, as well as his desire to connect with his heritage prompted him to study Environmental Sciences and Italian, respectively (ask me about my semester abroad in Bologna, Italy!). When he's not studying or doing other grown-up things, Henry has enjoys videogames, reading, exercising, volunteering at St. Joe's Hospital, and hanging out with his brothers in Keough. Besides serve as RA, Henry will be on the Club Boxing team, participate in the CSC Appalachia service seminar, and (along with fellow RA Steve Meisenbacher) complete the fourth installment of the critically-acclaimed radio show presented by WVFI: "Shuffle, Don't Stop".

Priest in Residence (Room 400)

Rev. Nate Wills C.S.C. - Nathan Wills-CSC.JPG
  • Fr. Nate Wills, C.S.C., Ph.D. is a proud native of St. Paul, MN. He’s a “triple Domer” having gone to undergrad, seminary, and completed his M.Ed. at Notre Dame through the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE). In ACE, he taught religion and computer skills at a high school in Chicago which gave him a lot of good stories for future homilies. He was ordained a Holy Cross priest in 2006 and spent several years as an associate pastor at St. Joseph Parish in South Bend and then went on to get his Ph.D. in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Madison (Go Badgers!) studying technology policy in K-12 schools. Fr. Nate now teaches graduate courses in education and directs a program focused on implementing technology meaningfully in K-8 schools.

    Fr. Nate is the priest-in-residence which means he regularly celebrates Mass in Keough Hall and often leaves his door open in the evening so students can refuel on candy, chat about life, receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, or make fun of all of the Star Wars stuff in his room. Fr. Nate describes himself as “friendly” and “joyful.” His friends describe him as a “slow runner.” His mom says he is a “good eater.”