Keough Hall
Brothers. Scholars. Champions.

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Keough's residents come from everywhere on Earth, and they study many different fields. You are sure to make lifelong friends in Keough Hall!



First opening its doors in 1996, Keough offers singles, doubles, and quads. As a first year, you will be placed in a double or a quad with roommates handpicked for you by the Office of Housing. After your first year, you will be able to choose your roommate(s) and ideal room!

Nestled serenely beside the Bookstore Basketball Courts and South Dining Hall, just a stone’s throw from the historic Notre Dame Golf Course and the Law School, Keough Hall shelters the hopes and hearts of 275 men who call it home. We’d be thrilled to number you among them. Assistant rectors in Keough enjoy some of the most spacious graduate apartments available at Notre Dame. Furnished living rooms open to full kitchens and dining areas overlooking West Quad and the center of campus. Full bathrooms parallel private bedrooms with walk-in closets, wardrobes, and ample desk space. Central air-conditioning and heating, in-hall workout rooms (cardio and weights), weekly housekeeping, and a reserved front parking space offer comfort and ease to assistant rectors as they serve the men of Keough.