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Final Reminder

            With finals week comes a high level of uncertainty. What will my grades look like? How do I know how much I should study for this test? Will this be on the final? With all these questions, it is important to find absolutes.

            In Keough Hall, one place you can always look to for solace is our Rector, Fr. Pat Reidy. He is a ray of sunshine that beams through the thunderstorms of final examination unpreparedness. He is the gatekeeper who shines the light on the path and makes way for us. His comfort is sealed tightly within the fudge he prepares for all of Keough every finals week. Fr. Pat reminded us especially this week to tame our finals stress and instead think about our impact on others. Education is only one crucial element of life at Notre Dame. Leading others and growing in community with those around you is just as important. Remember that final tests may seem like everything, but they are only one part of a bigger picture.

            Also, look for support in those who care about you most. In Keough, we take great pride in taking care of our brothers. Whether someone is in your section or not, we are sure to show our support for them. In this week of great challenge, keep in mind that you do not walk alone—but hand in hand with your brothers beside you.

            Lastly, look within yourself. There is no one that knows you better than you do. Be strong. Prepare time in the days before your test to study so that you have a concrete schedule. When you don’t come up with a game plan before, it can be a difficult week that is filled with last minute studying and little sleep. You alone weigh the importance of how you prepare and ultimately determine how you do on a test. While you should study and give each test your best effort, remember still that each test is not the end all. There will be a day when you look back on this test and laugh at how much you worried about it. Hard work tends to minimize the effect that society’s structure for academic success has on your life.

Go Irish. Beat Finals.

A throwback to Chariot Week--1A dresses up for the Toga Dance!

A throwback to Chariot Week--1A dresses up for the Toga Dance!

Chandler Crane