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No one likes change. It is scary, unpredictable, and can be challenging to accept. But it shouldn’t be. In our world, change almost always represents progression and advancement. It is this push and pull between exploring new territory and sticking with what’s comfortable that we are faced with every day. It is how we deal with this proposition where we find the type of path we are paving for ourselves.

Recently, Father Pat asked me to take over the website and create something entirely new. We needed change. Keough will no longer be lacking technologically. Through our website and the features within it, we will connect current, past, and future students, especially the Men of Keough. We are working hard so that our Keough website becomes a guide for other dorms to follow. With this, we will allow the greater Notre Dame community—all those who want to know more about Notre Dame—to use our website for their benefit.

One feature we are launching immediately that embodies the change and goals we are reaching for is our new blog, The Outback. Our new blog will feature posts from various Men of Keough on many different topics. We hope that not only would students and faculty subscribe to our blog posts, but also engage a wider group of people not within the University of Notre Dame who are just as excited about relevant topics.

The change we have embraced will lead us to unexplored areas. We hope that in your reading of The Outback, you can learn from us. On the other hand, we would love your input into making our blog, and the entire website, the best it can be. If you would like to make a suggestion to us, you can comment below or fill out our contact form here. Check back every Tuesday and Thursday to read what we have to say!


Chandler Crane with his roommate, Will Cunningham

Chandler Crane with his roommate, Will Cunningham

Chandler Crane