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A Midwinter Day's Reality

Here in South Bend, Indiana, there is a time of year who is very troubled. He knows not who he is, nor what he should be. I am speaking, of course, of the time between Winter and Spring where it is not cold enough to wear a heavy jacket (so long as you're from the Midwest) or for the occasional snow to stay more than a day without being sucked up by the ground, which is such a faded green in color that it too appears to have been sucked away at. In the same respect, it is too cold for the sky to uncover the precious sun with its clouds or walk outside in shorts and a t-shirt.

I have long asked myself, 'Why does this in-between time seem to last so long?' I get no response. Mother Nature gives no help either, rather she plays with our heads. She offers us the mid-February weekend where we can tear down the coats of oppression and relax outside, seemingly appeasing our yearning for warmth. But in an instant she turns her back; the following Monday freezes every cell in your body. Your iPhone doesn't even recognize your lifeless fingers. It's as if the cold is slowly killing you, numbing you to complete rest where you might be frozen for good.

At any rate, John I. Jenkins C.S.C. and his team of trusty comrades fight valiantly for us, organizing a rebellion against Mother Nature in a coup d'etat they call 'Spring Break'. It is simple to acknowledge their naming of this event as a break to be that of a reprieve, a simple and peaceful rest from the aggressions of Winter. But no, this is not the case. We must break, like from prison, to the hallowed southern lands of Fort Lauderdale and San Diego. Releasing ourselves from the snowflake strangle hold. We mustn't be willing to accept living under tyranny without resistance. We say to Mother Nature, "Let us eat cake", and acknowledge the quote's misappropriation to Marie Antoinette and still hold it against her. 

If there is one thing for certain about South Bend, it is that we have great defenders. They allow us to find freedom amidst the fists of flurries. The invent of Spring Break, occurring at the University of Notre Dame, was the brave attempt to combat Mother Nature's indefatigable discrimination of current students and faculty. To our leaders I am forever indebted.

Our winter fortress, the Golden Dome.

Our winter fortress, the Golden Dome.

Chandler Crane